5 mins with Sean Bamford, Managing Director, BSAS Telecoms 

What prompted you to hire your first apprentice / s?

We wanted keen individuals we could train from scratch with both internal and external training. Also, to promote loyalty to the company by implementing an on-going training program with recognised qualifications.

How many apprentices have you now taken on?  


How did the ITP help, and how did you find the process?

They helped recruit and process the apprentice enrollment on the course and kept in touch through the process.

Where are those apprentices now?

Three of the four are still within the business with two having passed their course and progressing to full engineering support roles.

What benefits have your apprentices have brought to your business / what difference have they made?

They have brought enthusiasm and morale. Employing a few similar aged apprentices has made for an enjoyable and inclusive support department where work gets done, but with an element of fun.

What would you advise other businesses considering starting an apprenticeship scheme?

To definitely do it!

Do you think apprenticeships could be the answer to filling the skills gap in our industry? 

Yes, although there is a long lead time before the apprentice will be at a level of self-sufficiency.

How has the apprenticeship levy affected you?

Our pay bill is below the level that the levy will affect us.

Find out more about the ITP’s apprenticeship scheme at www.itpapprenticeships.org.

BSAS Telecoms www.bsas.co.uk

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