FAQs about RITTech

What is it? 

Registered IT technician (RITTech) recognises people doing a technical job
well – whilst demonstrating professional behaviours, attitude and the value
they bring.

It’s an independent standard of current competence and commitment to
quality for those who earn it, the employer they work for and the customer
they deliver to.

Who is eligible? 

Anyone who meets our RITTech standard of current competence. Typically you will have been working in digital industries for several years.  We’re not prescriptive about time, but you’ll need to have at least a year of experience under your belt (and most registrants will have more).  Of course, you can have decades of experience, and that’s great too.  It’s current competence that matters to us – a threshold of quality you’ve crossed and are actively demonstrating.

How do you apply?

It’s simple – an online process to be taken at your own speed. You’re in charge, saving as you progress through each stage.  Just answer our online questions honestly, back them up with a few short free-format text statements about your work and experience and hit the ‘submit’ button.  You will need to have a supporter lined up as well, someone who knows your work well and can verify that what you’ve supplied us is a true reflection. BCS assesses your application alongside your supported verification, and a decision is made in a couple of weeks. Visit our RITTech pages to find out more.

Does everyone get registered? 

No!  You have to demonstrate meeting our standard – quality really matters.

How much does it cost? 

Check out our price page for full costs.

How long does it last? 

Once you’re registered, you won’t need revalidating for another 3 years.
What you get when registered You get to use the post nominals ‘RITTech’ after your name and you get your name published on a public register (you can opt out if you wish).   More importantly though, you can stand proud in demonstrating that you care about what you do and how you do it, and have been independently validated by your professional body for that.  Quality matters to you, and RITTech says so – to you, your employer and the industry.

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