NAW 2017 case study: Apprentice Broadcast Engineer, BT

The ITP Christopher Mills Award recognizes positive contribution to a workplace or team through technical innovation. This year’s winner, Sean Norgate, is currently in his third and final year of an apprenticeship – working in the TV, systems and tools team.

“We basically manage and configure all the software that is used by operations to ensure sean-norgatethat TV signals are being routed correctly around the country, and the world” Sean explains. “In TV, we rotate around different roles every six months during our apprenticeships. This means that we get a good idea of all the different work being done around the building, and get a good idea of what our strengths and weaknesses are. I have worked mostly in technical roles, as this is what suits me best, and the team I’m currently working in will most likely be the one I move into when I graduate.”

Working for a huge company with long processes made Sean notice the many different systems used in TV, all managed by different people across the business. It was this that drove him to develop a solution to allow people to request the access needed in one go. “It’s essentially a database which manages requests and tracks who has access to what. It sends out emails to the necessary people to set up access, and then keeps an audit of who currently has access to what.”

sean-norgate-3Sean’s new system has now massively reduced the time required for new people to apply for access to all the systems they need, and means the team can get an accurate number of active accounts on each system at any time. “This means that BT can save money by working out exactly the number of user accounts they need to pay for against each system.”

“Winning this award is very important to me because I am determined to show other young people that apprenticeships are a great way to learn, and that some people can be far more successful via this route. Despite getting very good GCSE and A-Level grades, I performed poorly when I went to university after college. I found the learning environment very different and it didn’t work for me. Since starting an apprenticeship I’ve learnt so much more and worked so much harder as a result. Winning awards like this is a great showcase for my success and the power of the apprenticeship scheme.”

Sean is the winner of the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals Christopher Mills Award, which recognises outstanding contribution made to the industry.




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