5 mins with…Ben McGawley, Trinity Maxwell Limited 

This week’s 5 min chat is with Ben Gawley, Operations Director at Trinity Maxwell Limited, who talks challenges, opportunities and apprenticeships.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a telecoms professional?   The pace of the marketplace – from technology to regulation.

How do you feel The ITP’s Apprenticeship scheme has benefited your company? It has enabled us to find motivated candidates with an aspiration to progress.

What do you see as the major trends for the next 12 months? Technology wise, IoT growth and cloud strategy being driven by more interoperability.

What are your priorities for this year? To continue business growth while expanding expertise in key areas.

What would you say to apprentices considering entering the industry? Unlike many industries, the pace of change keeps it constantly engaging and fresh. There are a wide array of areas and roles that you can grow into once you start working in the industry, so if you are willing to work hard then there aren’t many better industries to work in.  You need to make sure you understand the building blocks, so you can understand how different services and solutions fit together, and the benefits and issues that this can bring.

Sum up the industry in one word…dynamic.


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