5 mins with…Ciaran Gillespie, Apprentice Engineer, Green Telecom


What made you consider becoming a telecoms apprentice? 

I considered becoming a telecoms apprentice because I had a strong interest in IT, especially on the networking side of things. At home, I was always taking apart my PCs, laptops and phones to see what was inside and to see how they work. This led to me building gaming PCs, servers and networks at home. Before the apprenticeship I was studying Level 3 IT and computing, after this I was looking for further study in the field that interested me so I went for an IT & Telecoms apprenticeship with the ITP.

How long have you been an apprentice? 

I have been an apprentice for eight months .

What does your typical day entail? 

My typical day can entail fault diagnosis and maintenance on IT & Telecom systems such as PABX and broadband connections. I also program and install PABX, VoIP and broadband devices on customer sites along with all the infrastructure that goes with it. Sometimes, if I am lucky, I get to take apart and diagnose faults on computers.

What are the benefits of being an apprentice? 

The benefit of being an apprentice is learning whilst you earn. ITP apprentices also have many benefits like ITP insight events and seminars. The ITP is very supportive in your professional growth in the early stages of your career.

What advice would you give to other young people considering an apprenticeship? 

If you have an interest in tech, and wish to gain some new skills In IT & Telecoms, this apprenticeship is perfect for you. It’s a quite technical job so problem-solving skills and a technical mindset is a must.


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