5 mins with…Gabriel Keegan, Customer Services Engineer at G3 Comms

What made you consider becoming a telecoms apprentice? I didn’t enjoy University and wanted to learn specialised skills while being paid. Also the fact that I would have a guaranteed job at the end of my apprenticeship was appealing.

How long have you been an apprentice? For around seven weeks.

What does your typical day entail? My typical work day consists of answering tickets that customers have logged, speaking to clients on the phones, repairing and installing equipment and occasionally going to site and fixing faults that can’t be done remotely. As well as being shown and taught about the systems I will be using and how to repair them.

What are the benefits of being an apprentice? The benefits of being an apprentice are being trained and taught within a working environment. So not only are you learning the skills required to do a job, you are also receiving real life experience as you are in a professional working environment on a day to day basis. You are paid for the work you do, so you are earning as well as learning, this really incentivizes you to work hard.  As you are an employee, you receive all the benefits that the company offers – for example I am eligible for private health care once I finish my six month probation period. I am also able to take part in the pension scheme. Another benefit is the Apprentice Oyster Card, as I work and live in London this is very useful.

What advice would you give to other young people considering an apprenticeship? The advice I would offer to those looking at apprenticeships is to do research in your field of interest so you can find the apprenticeship that is right for you. Remember that this is a step towards a future career, and to take it seriously as the impression you make while at work will have a lasting effect on your future prospects.

Find out more about the ITP’s Apprenticeship Scheme.


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