5 mins with…Chris West, G3 Comms

New apprentice Chris West, Customer Service Engineer from G3 Comms, tells us about his experiences so far.

What made you consider becoming a telecoms apprentice? 

I wanted to get into telecoms because I saw it as a good career path with great potential.

How long have you been an apprentice?

For around seven weeks.

What does your typical day entail?

Days vary, but during a typical day I am helping on our help desk. This consists of helping clients and customers with their queries. Along with this, I shadow a colleague doing the same so I can learn from them. Occasionally, I am on site doing installations and helping colleagues.

What are the benefits of being an apprentice?

Earning while I learn. I am getting a great education from my employer and they are offering me a good potential career path.

What advice would you give to other young people considering an apprenticeship?

My advice to young people considering an apprenticeship is to go for it. University isn’t for everybody and apprenticeships are a great way to gain qualifications, earn money and build a career.

Find out more about the ITP Apprenticeship Scheme.


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