9 reasons why you should consider Professional Registration

Many of our members are professionally registered with letters after their name such as CEng, IEng, EngTech and ICTTech. But what are the benefits of professional registration, and how can it help you further your career?

9 reasons to consider:

1. It looks impressive on your CV and distinguishes you from other candidates.

2. It identifies you as having competencies that employers value.

3. It confirms that your commitment to professionalism is underwritten by the support of a national engineering institution, licensed by the Engineering Council.

4. It gives you international recognition of your qualifications which can help you to find work abroad more easily.

5. Pay rates can compare more favourably with non-registered engineers.

6. It offers access to a network of similarly qualified and experienced experts in their field through the ITP (membership is automatic when undertaking professional registration).

7. It opens up ITP member benefits of quarterly magazines, telecoms-specific events and the chance to become a mentor or mentee.

8. It offers the chance to gain accreditation even if you don’t have formal qualifications, as you may be able to demonstrate your skills through work-based learning.

9. Your employer benefits too by as increasingly, tendering or post-tender contract compliance requires key members of the project team to have professional registration.
What are you waiting for? Find out more today.

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